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Wellness Coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed by the myriad of nutrition and exercise advice available on the market? Do you feel “stuck” in your health but do not know where to turn for help? Are you seeking support and encouragement in your journey to your health goals? Wellness Coaches are holistic health advisors who partner with you as you identify health goals, make realistic lifestyle changes, and move towards optimal health. Wellness Coaches help you take an honest look at what you are eating, teach you how to plan your daily nutrition, explore other areas impacting health-such as stress, and so much more! Let Wellness Coach, Suzy Lewis, BA, show you how to choose the right foods to fuel your body, gain more lean muscle and a re-program your metabolism. Suzy will help you reach long term success with your weight, health and wellness.

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Skin Essentials Wellness Services

50 Minute Private Consultation
Individual coaching tailored to fit your wellness goals and style. Consulting for any stage of change or maintenance.
~ $95

Online Prime Time Health

Self paced online class with powerful videos by Dr. Sears and discussion forum with your coach. Learn about how to assist your body in making its own medicine, creating an IRAH account, and other necessary tools for healthy living.
~ $75

Monthly Bundle

Includes 4 sessions per month, access to Online Prime Time Health, plus brief check-ins between sessions. Designed for support during the action stage of change to promote success and resilience.
*3 month minimum paid monthly
~ $295

Smart Shopping Trip

Guide to successful shopping on site or a pantry makeover with shopping list.
~ $75

Introductory 30 minute wellness assessment: Complimentary snapshot of your current health picture and intentions. Discovery of coaching recommendations tailored to you.