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A Note From Beth

Fall is in the air and the holidays are upon us! Are you ready for all the excitement? We are planning a busy season with lots of surprises you're definitely going to want to take advantage of.  Be sure to check out the special treatments we have for you this month!  You won't want to miss these.

October 5th is World Teacher Day.  Show your appreciation for teachers by nominating your favorite teacher for their chance to win a $100 gift certificate and spa service of choice.  Read the featured article to learn how!

October 31st is Halloween.  We'll see lots of little ones running around in their carefully planned costumes in search of tricks and treats! What a fun way to kick off the holiday season!  Enjoy this time with your family.

We look forward to sharing in the excitement with you all month long. Have a festive October!  We'll see you at the spa!

Events At A Glance

Save the Date!

Join us for the 12 days of Christmas on Thursday, October 30th, from 5-7 p.m.

We have created an amazing assortment of holiday gifts for everyone special on your list so make the holidays easy for you!  I know, I're thinking "Holiday Shopping" already?  We wanted to help you enjoy the holiday season and get things crossed off your list early!

Check out all the exciting things you will enjoy:

  • Enjoy wine and Hors d'oeuvres
  • 20% off Retail Boutique
  • Sneak Preview Holiday Guide
  • Makeup and skincare from Skin Essentials
  • Guest vendors
    - Alisa P designs
    -Kathleen Peachy Photography -family holiday portraits
    -Swank Stems- holiday center pieces and custom floral arrangements
    - Lido Wine- pre-wrapped wines for gifts
    - Soigne- the perfect dress for holiday parties
  • And so much more!

This is going to be an amazing night!  Grab a friend and make it a girls' night!

Don't Forget!

Join us for Botox & Fillers with Dr. Greene on Thursday, October 9th and Thursday, October 23rd, 5:30-7 p.m. Reserve now and look flawless this season!

And guess what?  Voluma XC is now available!  Voluma XC is the first and only filler that has been FDA approved to add volume to the cheek area.

We'll see you there!


We are excited to announce the arrival of the medical grade LED PHOTO THERAPY machine.  This non-surgical approach to anti-aging boosts collagen production and helps tighten the skin.  This procedure can be added on to almost any treatment or facial we offer, or can be done alone in a series. 

Single session $65
Series of 6 $325
Series of 12 $650

Featured Article

Thank a Teacher This Month!

Did you have a favorite teacher when you were in school?  That one person who encouraged you and inspired you to be more than you ever thought you could be.  You know...that teacher who taught you those life lessons that textbooks simply can't impart. We all had those teachers who were so dedicated to our education, causing us to never forget them.  October 5th is World Teachers Day.  In honor of these significant individuals, let's consider the importance of the role they play in young people's lives.

Children spend more time at school than they do at home. This means the people they encounter at school make a drastic impact in their lives. Teachers are not simply teaching lessons each day.  They're helping children develop socially and emotionally, as well.  What a tremendous responsibility!

Teachers are self-esteem builders.
One of the biggest things that teachers impact is student self-esteem.  Reinforcing self-esteem in the classroom is one of the most important things teachers do. Teachers communicate encouragement and positive feedback to their students, which is particularly vital to the success of struggling students.

Teachers are life skills instructors.
Each day in the classroom, teachers divulge life skills to students that are essential for future success. From completing a resume to appropriate behavior in social situations, teachers are preparing children for real-world events they will face in the future.

Teachers are motivators.
Teachers motivate students to become better than they think they are capable of becoming.  On a daily basis, teachers are reiterating the importance of discipline, responsibility, commitment, and always trying your very best at everything you do.  These are values that are crucial to success.

In honor of these selfless educators, click here to email or post your selection on our Facebook page to nominate your favorite teacher (yours or your child's) to win a $100 gift certificate and spa service of choice at Skin Essentials.  Teachers deserve some relaxation, too!  We will select the winner at the end of the month and announce it in next month's newsletter. 


Ask A Therapist

Q. With the change in weather, I am experiencing patches of dry, flaky areas on my face. When I use a heavy moisturizer, I tend to break out. What should I do to keep my face properly moisturized without causing breakouts?

A. Change of seasons can make the skin do unusual things.  This is a good time of year to change up your exfoliating product.  Try Image Hydrating Enzyme Masque or HydroPeptide Polish & Plump.  I would also reserve an appointment for a Hydrafacial.  This treatment exfoliates and adds instant hydration to the skin without over-moisturizing it. 

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