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In this issue, we provide you with tips on how to go from Imbalanced to Centered and how to best use essential oils! And be sure you try the Summer Harvest salad recipe.

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I can’t believe its August already and that time of the year where many of us prepare our kids for back to school. Though we all love summer time, being outside in the sun can cause many skin issues that we should address. Skin Essentials is launching the Holiday Boot Camp to help you repair your skin and get ready for all the festivities to come.

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From Imbalanced to Centered

We live in fast-paced and hectic society, which can easily throw one out of balance. This can lead to many ailments from depression and fatigue to even more serious issues, such as heart disease and stroke. It’s so important to take preventive measures to regain balance and well-being. The good news is you can counteract the negative effects of the modern lifestyle with some easy & effective solutions. Both massage and meditation are great for healing the mind and body, which, used regularly, can help one to maintain good balance and health.

Most people carry their stress in their upper back, shoulders, and neck. Massage helps to work out this tightness and any knots that have accumulated. If you have any particularly troublesome areas, your massage therapist can provide the relief you need and even tell you how to follow through with homecare. The human touch is quite healing. Plus, it has been shown that massage brings one to the same state of relaxation as meditation. There are a myriad of different massage techniques, all quite effective in combatting stress and stress related issues. Visit the spa and consult with a professional massage therapist to see which method will best suit your needs. It is highly recommended to get a massage at least once per week for best results.

Meditation has a profound effect on both the mental and physical well-being. Make time to care for yourself and it may not be so pretty. It’s far worth it to take at least fifteen to twenty minutes each day to meditate. Find some place quiet to go, where you won’t be disturbed. Turn the phone off, put a note on the door, do whatever it is to ensure there are no interruptions. If you need, put on some soft music and lighting, as well as aromatherapy. Do what is necessary to bring yourself to a nice, relaxed state. Sit in a comfortable position, with your trunk, head, and neck straight. Close your eyes and quiet your mind, while focusing on your breathing. Practiced regularly, you will be amazed with the results.

Through use of both massage and meditation, one can easily escape the negative effects of stress without the use of harmful drugs. Stress is the leading cause of ninety percent of serious diseases and ailments. The time and money it takes for massage and meditation are quite small in comparison to the cost of doctors, hospitals, and lost time from work. Besides, aren’t you worth the best care you can possibly give yourself? Call or visit the spa to schedule your massage today!


Have you taken a DEEP BREATH lately? Try alternative health measures using AROMATHERAPY to prevent a myriad of ailments. We can show you effective breathing exercises that will take you on a mini vacation, so you can feel refreshed and rejuvenated in no time at all. Combined with other alternative therapies, such as massage and/or meditation, it has a synergistic effect, leading to total balance and harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.

Aromatherapy utilizes the inhalation of essential oils for improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Essential oils are the pure essence of the plant and provide a multitude of benefits when used correctly. Each essential oil has its own particular use and can be combined to create a customized therapy to suit your needs. Many essential oils are volatile and so they should be combined with a carrier oil, such as almond or grapeseed oil, in order that they may be used topically, like for massage or to wear in place of toxic perfumes and colognes.

To reap the full therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, it’s to best always use pure essential oils and not one that is synthetic or has been diluted. Synthetic oils lack the beneficial ingredients and do not provide the highly sought healing effects. A good way to enjoy aromatherapy is by using a diffuser. In this way, you can turn a whole room into a healing space and also enjoy a nice smelling home. Another way to incorporate aromatherapy into your lifestyle is by adding essential oils to your regular lotions and creams. They can also be added to water to use as a toner.

Preventing illness and remaining balanced can be quite enjoyable. With a good combination of alternative therapies, one can effectively remain healthy and happy, saving themselves time and money from doctors and drugs. All the better, you can use that time and money to get a massage using essential oils and always remain ahead of the game! Consult with your spa professional about aromatherapy offered at the spa and to see what essential oils are recommended for you to take home too. The peace of mind aromatherapy provides is priceless!



Layer lip balm with SPF


Apply an SPF (at least 15) underneath your lipstick or gloss to further guard against thinning, dryness, and sun spots. Lips lack a protective outer layer, so they're incredibly sensitive to UV rays.

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