January 2013 Edition
Published by Skin Essentials Medi Spa

Happy New Year! 

Now that the holidays have past, it’s time to plan your New Year beauty, wellness and lifestyle goals. Make living healthier and looking better your goal this year.

In this issue you will find some great articles to get you started on the right foot!  You will also find the new and improved Clean & Blemish Free Membership and a special New Year’s Package.  We invite you to visit Skin Essentials to create an annual beauty and balance recipe! Enjoy all the great content!

Happy New Year, may it be your best yet!

-Beth Pestotnik, Founder



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5 Steps to Whole Body Health

We always seem to reevaluate our health at the start of the year, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like a new year to make a fresh, new start. The good news is, you don’t have to join a boot camp or give up everything you love to start feeling healthier this year. Making a few small changes to what you consume and learning to relax a bit more can make a big impact in how you feel.

1. Eat Well
Make a conscious effort to rid your pantry of products that contain excessive levels of fat, sugar and salt. Stock up on whole grains, lean proteins and lots of fruits and vegetables. Get in the habit of checking labels when you shop; it will help you learn to recognize when products contain too much fat, sodium or sugar.

2. Drink Well
First and foremost, your beverage of choice should be water. Not only is it the most pure form of hydration, but it also helps to keep skin hydrated; plus, a glass of water before meals can help curb your appetite. If you crave flavored beverages, seek out unsweetened ones, such as teas. Try to avoid any beverages that contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin or sucralose as studies have shown these may cause increased appetite and possibly even cancer.

3. Move Your Body
It’s important to fit some movement into your daily routine. This may mean parking farther away from work or the store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going for a walk after dinner, doing mini exercises during commercials when you’re watching TV, etc. No matter where you are, there’s always time to fit in some form of exercise. You will quickly feel the benefits with increased energy and more alertness.

4. Take Time to Relax
For the same reasons you need to exercise your body, you also need to relax it. We’re all under immense levels of stress on a daily basis. Without a few moments to ourselves to decompress and relax, we may turn to food or snap at loved ones in order to release. Take time out of your week to read a book, take a bath, meditate, visit the spa, phone a friend, or enjoy a glass of wine in front of the fire.

5. Find Balance
It can be hard to find balance when so many bring work home with them on their cell phones nowadays. But if you’re serious about balancing your home and work life, slowly work toward giving yourself time off from checking your emails and work calls on the weekends. Spend the time away from the office with your family and friends. Say no to the things that don’t add value to your life, and treat yourself to things that give you pleasure more often. Explore the world, your relationships, and your interests.


In a world where kids are growing up faster than ever, more and more adolescents have come to expect spa services tailored to them when they visit the spa with parents or older siblings. The average age that children start spa treatments is usually around sixteen, when they are seeking help for acne and may also be interested in starting a wellness regime.

Studies have shown that the appearance of acne is a main cause of stress for teens—both boys and girls. Thus, starting teens on a wellness program, which can include help for acne, a weight-management program, relaxation exercises such as yoga, and regular massages, can do a lot to lower their stress levels.
The first step is to talk with your teen about what concerns they have that can be addressed at the spa: acne, stress, help with makeup application, nail care, hair care, etc.

Next, set up a consultation with a spa professional to customize a spa program to address all of your teen’s concerns. Programs can include in-spa treatments and at-home regimen, which will keep acne minimized, stress lowered and weight under control. Before long they will be back on track with all of their beauty and wellness needs.

At home, make sure your teen is following the 5 Steps to Whole Body Health outlined in the featured article. Partner up and make it a fun way to spend time together getting healthy. Even young adults can benefit from a healthy living regimen, especially those who are battling stress and acne. Have a healthy and happy year!


Q. What can I do to protect my skin from the harsh, dry winter conditions?
A.Living in Colorado can be really confusing to the skin.  Especially when we have a beautiful, 70 degree day followed by cold, SNOW conditions!  Making a few minor changes to your current regime can really help!  Using a heavier moisturizer, adding a Hyaluronic Acid serum (a product that adds water to your skin cells) and scheduling regular hydrating facials can eliminate dry, flakey and itchy skin!

Need help? Bring all your products in during the month of January and we can do a complimentary product assessment and help you determine the ideal home care regimen for you!  Click here To reserve a complimentary product consultation, a value of $35 and receive free product samples


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