Acne Solutions


Acne Solutions

Express 101 Acne Facial

A clinical, deep-cleansing facial with a focus on extractions. Includes a bacteria-fighting treatment.

$65 | with Chemical Peel $100 | with Blue Light $130


Oxygen RX Treatment

A six-step facial delivers oxygen and essential nutrients to your skin. Naturally killing harmful bacteria while brightening, clearing and enhancing overall skin appearance.

$130 /VIP $28


Acne Clearing Blue Light

Designed to heal inflammation and significantly reduce bacteria responsible for causing acne. Includes exfoliation, extractions, and blue light treatment. A series of treatments are recommended.



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VIP Membership

Your membership entitles you to one of the following treatments every month:

• 90-minute Swedish Massage

• The Essential Signature Facial

• Microdermabrasion

• Any other service on our menu, subject to additional fees as indicated

•10% off retail products and on each additional treatment

•Seasonal VIP gifts

$89 per month (One Treatment)
$165 per month (Two Treatments)

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The Essential - Skin Transformation Membership
Do you have a teen who suffers from acne? Join the Skin Transformation program and reclaim healthy, blemish-free skin. An acne expert will help you select the best treatment plan. You will receive two acne treatments per month to accelerate results.

• Express 101 Acne Facial

• Chemical Peel

• Acne Clearing Blue Light

• 10% Off Home Care Products

Only $95 per month (Two Acne Treatments)

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